Lesson: How to import PayPal transactions into simplyFYI

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1- Click View Payment Transactions Menu

Go to Control Panel. Click "View Payment Transactions".

Step 1

2- Click "Import Transaction History" tab

Note: To perform this step, you should have already downloaded your transaction history as a CSV file from your PayPal account page.
Learn how to download payment PayPal transaction history

  1. Click "Browse".

  2. Select the .CSV file that you downloaded from your PayPal account.

  3. Click Upload. The number of records imported will be displayed.

Step 2

  1. Click View Transactions. Select the appropriate date range to view transactions.

    Step 2

3- View list of payers imported

On importing transactions from PayPal, simplyFYI also builds a list of payers from the imported data. To view the list of payers, go to the Control Panel and click "Engage with Payers".